• The Ombudsman Office at the service of
    relevant external parties within the ecosystem
    Acting in total independence and in compliance with international standards and best practices,
    the Ombudsman Office is aimed to be the ultimate space for mutual comprehension, consensus,
    and determined quest for fair negotiated outcomes of situations of conflicts and/or misunderstanding,
    and eventually contentious issues.

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Why an Ombudsman Office?

In line with the OCP group’s corporate vision of continuously improve and smoothen relations with its ecosystems, the creation of the Ombudsman Office aims to reinforce good governance and transparency practices.

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Who can approach the Ombudsman Office?

The Ombudsman Office can be approached by any of the following relevant external parties

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Who is eligible?

The Ombudsman office of the Group OCP is open to all relevant external parties within the different components of its ecosystems.

Operating Charter

  • Independence
  • Neutrality and Impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Informality

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